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The latest version of the RV-C Layer document may be downloaded here. A tremendous amount of work by The RVIA RV-C Technical Subcommittee has been put into this effort. RV-C is an ever-expanding protocol, and these documents are subject to change. Monitor the "Official Business" forum for additions and changes.

The following amendments have been approved since the 4-8-21 publication of the RV-C Layer Document.

Approved Submissions Archive

RV-C Layer Document 4-8-21.pdf9.85 MB
Section_6.19.25_Inverter_041621.docx24.74 KB
Vehicle Seat Control rev2 4-26-21.doc85 KB
Table_6.49.7b_051221.docx15.82 KB
Table_6.13.5b_correction_051221.docx17.36 KB
Table 6.2.5b Change_052721.docx15.41 KB
Section_6.13.12_SPN_Table_042221 (1).docx19.31 KB
6.38.4 & .5 Awning Status 2 042421_0.doc40.5 KB
6.50 DC Driver Amendment 061821.docx28.78 KB
Section 6.17_061421.docx37.58 KB
6.49.13 Battery Status 13 Update 061521.docx18.52 KB
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