Revised Specification Now Available

The revisions and additions accumulated over several years have been incorporated into a new RV-C specification document. The new document includes all updates as of December 15, 2015. It is available for free download on this site. Simply click on "RV-C Specification" on the left side of this page.

Media Files Available On-Line

RV-C was the focus of a booth at the 2010 RVIA National Show. The booth included a live demonstration of operation and diagnostics of an RV-C system, and a video that outlined the benefits of RV-C for manufacturers, suppliers, and technicians. The video and presentation outline are available for download to members of the media at Media

The video is copyrighted by the RVIA and is provided as background information only. Any public use of the video must be approved by the RVIA Technical Subcommittee on Multiplexing.

Announcing: 4x4 Video Switch

The VDX 404 Video Switch is now available. This unit accepts up to four NTSC video sources, and routes them to up to four video monitors. Any signal can be routed to any monitor without limitation - for example, one signal can be routed to all four monitors simultaneously, making the unit into a 4:1 splitter. The switching can be controlled by up to 12 external switches, such as blinker signals or rocker switches. The unit can also read the RV-C or SAE J1939 data bus to detect when the vehicle is in Reverse gear. And the unit can be controlled via RV-C.

All output signals are conditioned and buffered. No other hardware is required for a full-featured, high-quality system.

The unit is configured using RV-C and the Omniscope tool.

The typical application is for routing rear and side cameras to multiple dash monitors. The unit easily manages the switching of signals according to whether the RV is in reverse or the blinkers are active. Other applications include switching GPS displays to multiple monitors and routing camera signals to the main televisions for security purposes.

Announcing: HMStv. An RV-C IR and TV Gateway


One of the virtues of RV-C is that it allows us unlimited latitude in designing the user experience. The best example we can offer is the HMStv. This unique device uses a simple IR Remote Control to allows the user to control every feature of the RV-C network. And it provides a spectacular NTSC television output to let the user monitor his system on any television. The HMStv is easier to use and more impressive than the proprietary systems used in million-dollar bus conversions, but at a small fraction of the cost.

SilverLeaf will custom-program the HMStv for the specific coach application. The background artwork is field-upgradable, which means that individual RV owners can further customize their systems. HMStv is comes with an easy-to-use remote, and is compatible with almost all universal remote controls.

Announcing: TM-102 Total Coach Controller


Think of it as an Electronic Control Unit for the RV. Just as the ECU in the engine controls and coordinates all its important functions, the TM-102 manages all the major RV systems. It monitors and controls the tank levels, inverter/charger, generator, batteries, water pump, and many other pieces. It can be configured to provide a wide variety of intelligent features, such as tank autofill, automatic genstart, chassis battery charging, safety interlocks, and even full climate control. It is fully RV-C compliant, and can be configured with the OmniScope RV-C service tool.

The TM-102 is a fundamental part of an full-featured RV-C network. It can be combined with any control panels and other RV-C components to create a powerful, customized system.

New documentation for the Acme SX-5000 Defenestrator

We have released the new Application Document for the SX-5000. You may download it here. Please destroy all previous versions in your possession.

Announcing the Ace GX-2000 Dremulator


It's the most amazing, fully RV-C compliant Dremulator ever approved for road use in the American continent.

But it's more than just a dremulator. It's a skod cleaner and a canistrator in one compact package. Best of all, it has no unpleasant aftertaste.

I hope everyone likes this site!

We're just getting started, but we have big plans to go with this web site. The purpose of the site is simple - we want to make it as easy as possible for RV builders and vendors to exchange information on RV-C. We're here to promote the entire industry, and everyone can participate on an equal footing.

There are two kinds of memberships to Any person can register and immediately begin participating in the forums. Companies can participate as well, simply by designating an official representative. Each company may create and manage a "blog" - a portion of the site where they may post product announcements, technical information, and virtually anything else they wish.

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