Omniscope - The Main Program

This is the main Omniscope program - the starting point for all RV-C testing and configuration.

The program requires the Omniscope USB-to-RVC adapter, available from SilverLeaf Electronics for $295.00. The software can be installed on multiple computers, but a Key Code is required for each USB-to-RVC adapter. If your shop has more than one adapter, each computer can have the Key Code entered for each adapter, so any computer can use any adapter.

Upgrading your basic Omniscope software is free. If you already have Omniscope, you may download the latest version from this site and replace your existing omniscope.exe file on your PC.

Click on the "Latest Build" to access the newest version.

Latest Build

Download Build 28 here.

Build 28 adds "Quick Scripts", which is a convenient way to run multiple RV-C commands. Typically you might use a Quick Script to send a set of configuration or test messages on the RV-C network. For example, if you want to set the network clock to a particular time, you could click on Quick Script, type the following line into the Quick Script editor, and click "Run".

SEND 1FFFE 07 12 25 03 12 00 00 FF

(This will set the clock to Noon, Christmas Day, 2007).

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