Apply for your SAE Manufacturer Code

The RVIA committee decided last year to get out of the business of registering Manufacturer Codes. Instead, RV-C shall use codes issued by the SAE. If your company already has an SAE code, then simply use that code. Otherwise, fill out this form and send in to the SAE.

You do not need to fill out the entire form. Fill out only the first section ("General Requestor Information") and the Manufacturer Code section. If you wish to propose new PGNs or other additions to the RV-C protocol, then present them to the RVIA, not the SAE. Simply e-mail a description of your proposal to Kent Perkins on the RVIA staff.

The Manufacturer ID is used only in the NAME PGN, and is primarily a tie-breaker when implementing dynamic addressing. If you have an RVIA code already, you may continue to use that code until the SAE code is processed. For prototyping purposes you can use a random number temporarily - it is only a problem if somehow another node had exactly the same code and exactly the same values for the rest of the NAME.

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