Omniscope and Omniscope Modules

Omniscope is SilverLeaf Electronics' low-cost, multi-function service tool for RV-C. It consists of a USB-to-RVC adapter plus drivers and PC software. Omniscope features an open architecture that makes it incredibly flexible for both the technician and the designers of RV-C products.

The main Omniscope program manages all the details of connecting the PC to the RV-C network. It also queries the devices on the network and gets basic product and diagnostic information on every node. But that's just the beginning of its capabilities.

Omniscope also manages the use and deployment of "modules" - programs written for specific purposes. A module may be a simple message script, a general purpose diagnostic tool, a product-specific configuration program - there is no limit to what a module can be. The technician can run multiple modules simultaneously - for example, configuring one node while also watching the output of another. Node designers can write modules in any language, including Omniscope's own scripting language, and are freed from worrying about the details of USB, CAN, and PC internals.

This section of is dedicated to providing the latest in Omniscope software and documentation. This section will be continuously updated as new modules are created and existing modules are refined. Tutorials and other documentation will also be included here. If you have your own Omniscope modules you wish to add to this section, contact the administrator.