Proposal: DC Battery Disconnects

I propose the attached DGN and product DSA for battery disconnect solenoids and similar devices. In principle we could use the DC Load definitions, but there a couple reasons to give these device their own section.

First, if a battery disconnect is implemented with the DC Load Command, then it opens up the possibility that a misconfigured node could trigger the disconnect simply by having the wrong Instance in a DC Load Command. Considering that a typical DC Load system implementation involves dozens of Instances, and the Instances vary considerably from RV to RV, this is likely to be a fairly common problem. By segregating these important switches into their own DGNs it becomes highly unlikely that a misconfigured node or a service technician working from bad documentation can cause a major problem.

Secondly, there are devices that may benefit from knowing the precise status of the House Battery Disconnect, the Chassis Battery Disconnect, and the House/Chassis Bridge, as well as the ability to control them. (It is implicit that the disconnect controller itself is not downstream from the physical solenoid.) By providing explicit Instances for these key devices we enable the implementation of a number of battery management features.

DC_Disconnect_Proposal.doc29 KB