New DSA, and clarification for certain devices with multiple DSAs.

Martin Perlot of SilverLeaf Electronics submits the following:

Change the DSA for the Window Control from 135 to 145. Note that 135 is shared with Door Control.
Change the DSA for DC Load from 131 to 146. Note that 131 is shared with DC Dimmer.

Add to section Default Source Address (DSA)
"Devices with more than one DSA assigned to them shall use the lowest DSA value available, regardless of the source address used by the device and whether multiple devices of the same type are installed on the network. Example: The DM-RV for a Slide Room shall always use the DSA of 84."


This clean-up is required to ensure that every diagnostic message can be uniquely parsed. At the moment, the door and window SPNs have not diverged, nor have the DC Load and DC Dimmer SPNs, but we should not assume that this will always be the case. Because there has been no divergence yet, the consequences for making these changes today are trivial. It will be much harder to change in the future.