Notification: RV-C Working Groups Establsihed

On October 24, the RV-C Committee directed the establishment of working groups to expand the protocol to include more explicit provisions for compatibility verification. The committee tasked the working groups to build on a model in which three levels of compatibility are defined:

Level 1 : Preservation of Network Integrity.
Level 2 : Discoverability, diagnostics, and serviceability.
Level 3 : Interchangeability of components of like type.

The working groups are tasked to develop this framework to support the possibility of third-party verification.

The working groups have just 90 days to develop this framework. To ensure that the working groups are working from the complete and fully coordinated protocol document, all submissions during this time will be first vetted with the working groups before being posted here for general review. This may entail some delay in the assignment and approval of DGNs. We expect this delay to be minor, and apologize for its necessity.

- Martin Perlot
RV-C Administrator