6.49 Battery Update


Some time values were consistent with the definition of a given message, as well as with conventions used in RV-C document. Example, calling for max Tx rate for a message that is defined as Pull-only model.

The Battery sub-team reviewed this document, including a question of if the largely Pull-only model should be retained. It was agreed to keep the pull-only model as in most cases, Battery details are used in advanced service screens, as opposed to active battery bank aggregation. The battery sub team does however support the concept of modifiable Tx rates for messages, and the including of a new RV-C capability to allow for some Battery messages to be modified from a Pull model to a Push model at runtime. It was felt such an approach would retain the present approach – minimizing CAN bus load, while allowing for Battery Aggregation using the RV-C Battery messages if a given node choses to implement that.

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