RV-C Specification Document - June 2023 Version

The latest version of the RV-C Layer document may be downloaded here. A tremendous amount of work by The RVIA RV-C Technical Subcommittee has been put into this effort. RV-C is an ever-expanding protocol, and these documents are subject to change.

Monitor the Official Business forum for additions and changes.

The attached amendments have been approved since the 06-02-23 publication of the RV-C Layer Document, and comments can be reviewed in the Approved Submissions Archive.

RV-C Specification Full Layer 06-02-23.pdf10.82 MB
Revised Section 6.49.17 Battery SPN Table 062323.docx9.96 KB
Table 6.5.6b Deprecate Byte 6-7_062923.docx13.69 KB Profile 64DC-B-C-06 Deprecation 063023.docx17.6 KB
7.5 Standard Acknowledgements Updates_063023.docx14.88 KB Thermostat Profiles Update_063023.docx14.07 KB
4.5_General Requirements_063023.docx16.01 KB
4.3 Lvl 1 Compliance Clarification_063023.docx17.33 KB
3.3 Source Address Clarification_063023.docx25.63 KB
3.2.4 ACK Instance Clarifications_063023.docx45.75 KB
3.2 Definitions Table Update_063023.docx43.59 KB
6.49.17_Battery Service Points_Additions_071423.docx14.58 KB
Section 7.17.7 & 8 Typo Update 073123.docx18.66 KB
6.20.24 CHARGER_PROPERTIES.docx25.49 KB
Table 6.19.26 - Inverter Alarms_090823.docx13.87 KB