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The latest version of the RV-C Layer document may be downloaded here. A tremendous amount of work by The RVIA RV-C Technical Subcommittee has been put into this effort. RV-C is an ever-expanding protocol, and these documents are subject to change. Monitor the "Official Business" forum for additions and changes.

The following amendments have been approved since the 4-8-21 publication of the RV-C Layer Document.

Approved Submissions Archive

RV-C Layer Document 4-8-21.pdf9.85 MB
Section_6.19.25_Inverter_041621.docx24.74 KB
Vehicle Seat Control rev2 4-26-21.doc85 KB
Table_6.49.7b_051221.docx15.82 KB
Table_6.13.5b_correction_051221.docx17.36 KB
Table 6.2.5b Change_052721.docx15.41 KB
Section_6.13.12_SPN_Table_042221 (1).docx19.31 KB
6.38.4 & .5 Awning Status 2 042421_0.doc40.5 KB
6.50 DC Driver Amendment 061821.docx28.78 KB
Section 6.17_061421.docx37.58 KB
6.49.13 Battery Status 13 Update 061521.docx18.52 KB
Section_6.16_061421 (1).docx29.33 KB
Table 6.49.15.b Update 070821.docx16.41 KB
Table 6.43.1b Update 070821.docx15.62 KB
Section 6.41 remove GPS 070821.docx17.79 KB
Amend Table 6.34.6.b 070821.docx15.86 KB
Table 3.3.2a Update 070821.docx14.63 KB
Section 6.18.20_.21 Removal 070821.docx19.9 KB
Section_6.5.21 _081121.docx19.21 KB
Section 6.5.7_081121.docx23.04 KB
6.38.4 .5_Awning_Status Command_081621.docx30.53 KB
6.20.10 & .27 Charger Status 3 & Alarms Addition 090221.docx25 KB
6.19.23 Inverter Temperature Status Addition 090221.docx27.08 KB
Tables 6.13.2b & .3b Leveling Controls 091321.docx24.16 KB
Table 6.35.3b Update Generator Demand Command 092221.docx26.47 KB
6.27_DC_Motor_Control_Submission_092321.docx31.14 KB