New PGN Proposed - AC Load Status 2


An additional AC load status PGN for monitoring the load with different parameters (exceptions) then presently defined in AC Load Status.

AC_LOAD_STATUS_2 requested PGN 0x1FEDD

- Status Byte 0: Instance number has been updated to 250 instances
- Status Byte 1: Each status bit has been broken up into individual 2 bit flags. Each flag has also had a description added to further explain its meaning
- Status Byte 2: A table listing all the possible commands for this byte, their descriptions, and reference to that table has been added.

Edit 2:

- Commands available for "Last Command" now referenced to table in AC LOAD COMMAND
- We would like to also request that the adding values of 253 for “Fault OFF” and 254 for “ERROR” to AC_Load_Status_1 and DC_Load_Status_1. We have not modified these PGNs but the suggested change was brought to our attention in the editing of this PGN.

AC Load Status 2 EDIT.doc57 KB
AC_Load_Status_2v2.doc47 KB

David Bailey I think AC_LOAD

David Bailey

I think AC_LOAD and DC_LOAD must be the same structure and DC_DIMMER using simular structure with the RGB capability. Make all three as orthogonal as possiable.

Maybe something like:

Byte 0 Instance
Byte 1 Group
Byte 2 Level
Byte 3 Mode
Byte 4 Command or last command
Byte 5 Delay
Byte 6 Max current
Byte 7 Present current

Byte 0 Instance
Byte 1 Group
Byte 2 resurved
Byte 3
Byte 4
Byte 5 Lock
Byte 6 Interlock
Byte 7

Byte 0 Instance
Byte 1 Group
Byte 2 resurved
Byte 3
Byte 4
Byte 5
Byte 6
Byte 7

Engineering at Spyder

Engineering at Spyder Controls Corp.
Though the goal was to certainly try and keep the same structure between each of the PGN's, we are limited by the fact that the AC Load and DC Load PGN's were previously defined and approved. The approach was then to follow these already defined PGN's as closely as possible by submitting minor revisions to unused / reserved bytes.

With regards to the relationship to the DC Dimmer PGN's, please refer to the DC_DIMMER_STATUS3 submittal for further comments.

My comments on this are the

My comments on this are the same as for the DC Load Status PGN.

- Break up the flags.
- Change 1-248 to 1-250.
- Document the Last Command field.