New PGN Proposed - DC Dimmer Command 2 - 0x1FEDB


An additional DC dimmer command PGN for controlling a module with different parameters and commands then presently defined in DC dimmer command 1 & 2.



- The pre-existing DC_DIMMER_COMMAND allows accurate control of tri-color LED dimmers. With the DC_DIMMER_COMMAND_2, we have defined a standard PGN that can be used for all dimmers controlling monochrome type lighting.
- Command Byte 3: Set Brightness has been changed to 0x00 instead of 0xFF. Addition explanations have been provided for all commands in a separate table with descriptions.
- Command Byte 4: The commands from the previous byte have been explained to show which will use durations and which will use delays.
- Command Byte 5: The interlock function has been explained as a bitmap.


- The duration value for momentary commands has been changed to 0.1s instead of the previous 2 seconds it was submitted as.
- The command list table has been unified with DC LOAD COMMAND and AC LOAD COMMAND and referenced and centralized to AC LOAD COMMAND.
- This table implements new commands Increment One Level and Decrement One Level as well as indicates commands that support Lock/Unlock as well as those who do not.
- Changed the name back to DC DIMMER COMMAND 3 to match the DC DIMMER STATUS 3 as per request.

We are also asking for the following change to be made:

Change the Default Source Address for the DC Dimmer PGN’s from 131 to 132.

This is outside of the scope of the document we are submitting but it was brought to attention that this should be updated.

DC_Dimmer_Command_3v2.doc48 KB

David Bailey - Byte 1 Group

David Bailey -
Byte 1 Group looks good.
Byte 2 Desired Level (Master Brightness)is in DC_DIMMER_STATUS1 best not duplicate, make reserved.
Byte 3 Command is a good idea. Make sure that only one table is in the spec for all DC_DIMMER_STATUSn PGNs. I think the command table should also have; Up one level, Down one level, OFF with delay.
Byte 4 OK
Byte 5 Not sure of how this works? Make sure a single bit is not used, it take two network bits for each binary decision.
Bytes 6,7 reserved OK

Engineering at Spyder

Engineering at Spyder Controls Corp.
For Byte 2, please refer to the comment / request in the DC Dimmer Status 3.

For Byte 3, each of the additional command suggestions is currently accomplished by using the appropriate existing command in combination with a valid Desired Level and Delay / Duration value.

First, there is no

First, there is no DC_DIMMER_COMMAND_2 defined, so how about we change the name of this PGN accordingly?

Byte 3 - I would suggest Set Brightness should be zero, not 0xFF. Some additional explanation of "Lock", "Memory Off", etc. might be appropriate.

Byte 4 - This looks incompatible with the existing 4-bit On/Off durations already defined. I suggest using both bytes - that is, "On Duration" and "Extended On Duration", for better compatibility across products.

Byte 5 - Please explain.