New DGNs - Battery Status

Martin Perlot of SilverLeaf Electronics and Dimitri Butvinik of Lithionics submit the attached additions.


Included is explanatory text indicating when these DGNs are to be used and when DC_SOURCE DGNs are appropriate.


The DC_SOURCE DGNs clearly indicate that batteries are to be maintained in "banks", and it specifically calls out the "House" and "Chassis" banks. At the time there were no "smart" batteries such as the modern Li-ion packs and no thought was given to the concept. Today most devices look to the DC_SOURCE_STATUS messages for an aggregate value of the entire house (or chassis) battery system. This set of messages allows each individual battery to be monitored while maintaining the DC_SOURCE status as well.

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I'm placing a temporary hold

I'm placing a temporary hold on this submission as Dimitri and Al Thomason are in private discussions that might lead to some amendments. - Martin