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Edits and test profiles for the Generic AC Source.

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Should there be any alarms? I

Should there be any alarms? I have used alarms in the solar section to indicate change of state or faults as follows.

1 History cleared
2 High solar voltage limit
100 Solar charge controller enabled
101 Solar charge controller disabled
102 Solar charge controller over temperature
103 Solar controller configuration changed
104 Solar controller configuration 2 changed
105 Solar controller configuration 3 changed
106 Solar controller configuration 4 changed
107 Solar controller configuration 5 changed
108 Solar controller equalization configuration changed
110 Transition to bulk stage
111 Transition to absorption stage
112 Transition to Overcharge State
113 Transition to Equalize State
114 Transition to float stage
115 Transition to CC/CV Stage
116 Charging complete
119 Low battery warning
120 Low battery voltage limit
121 High battery voltage limit
122 Battery over temperature
123 Battery under temperature
124 Battery Disconnected