DC Load Status 6.23

Clayton Lorenz of Spyder Controls Corp proposes updates to DC Load Command and DC Load Status to include support for directional drivers.

6.23 DC Load - Ammendment - 2021.02.04.docx19.01 KB

These clerical edits aren't

These clerical edits aren't of a concern on our end. The substance of the submission isn't affected if the administrator chooses to apply Martin's formatting points.

I just see a couple

I just see a couple formatting items.

- The "15 = Driver Direction Not Supported" is redundant. In a 4-bit field, 15 means "No Data" by default. Although there are situations in which the "No Data" field is not exactly the same as "Not Supported", in this context there is no meaningful distinction. The line should be deleted in both places.

- Byte 4, Bit 4-7. We avoid the term "Reserved", mostly because it just clutters the document, but also because it implies that we have some plan for those bits.

- Martin