Section 6.5.21 Update DC Source Configuration Command 3

This command is meant for broadcasting rather than sending to a specific node. However, the signal and parameter definition does not define the type (DGN) and instance of the device that should respond to the command. All other existing DC Source Configuration Commands are for battery banks or SOC meters. Thus, no device type and instance need to be specified when sending those commands. The DC Instance field is enough for them to determine whether they should respond to these commands. But the DC Source Configuration Command 3 is mainly for the devices that are connected to the DC source (e.g. charger, controller, inverter, etc.). They cannot determine whether they should respond to the command with only the DC Instance field. If there are multiple devices on the CAN bus, the installer will not be able to configure the connection status of a specific device. So, I think the field 1-2 need to be changed to Device Instance and Device DSA.

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