6.20.10 & .27 Charger Status 3 & Alarms Addition

Charger Derate Status

A charger may limit its output for a variety of reasons, such as to prevent overheating. This DGN and associated Alarms communicate the status and reason for derating. Without this information, a user or technician may assume that the charger is defective.

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Discussions: How would the


How would the 'De-rate Battery Voltage' be applied? Would this be sent if the battery had reached its goal voltage, hence reducing amps while regulating voltage output? Perhaps a derate for Battery Current is needed as well, for charges which are able to regulate current against the C rate of the battery.

And another question: If a charger is reducing current output do match a DC_SOURCE_STATUS_4 request (ala, charger is a 100A charger, but BMS is asking for only 20A), should this trigger a DE-Rate state?

Some batteries also ask for lower current when very discharged. Perhaps can simple report this as Battery Voltage and the tech can have the understanding that it might be high or low Vbat? Likewise some batteries also ask for reduced current at lower temperatures, perhaps the Battery High Temp can be generalized to cover both high and low.