Section 7.2 Default source addresses (DSA) Update

Address claiming for devices with multiple functions is not explicitly described in the protocol text, which has been a cause for occasional confusion. This submission corrects that oversight in a concise way. In addition, creating a new claiming range will slightly improve the efficiency of the address claiming process.

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Discussion: This isn't an


This isn't an official objection, but I don't think there's anything in the current document forbidding a node with multiple functions to claim an address for each function?

Well . . . section

Well . . . section says "Every RV-C node shall have a unique source address", and every mention of the source address is also in the singular. So, I guess it isn't exactly "forbidden", but the intent is just one address per node. Having this new text should help make this clearer.

There are a couple spots where having more than one SA could lead to minor troubles - e.g priority for broadcasting DATE_TIME_STATUS - but I don't see any network-breakers.