Physical Media Questions (Wiring and Cable)

For a network that supports a number of network powered devices (of course 200mA or less per device), it would seem to make the most sense to use a 4 conductor cable for the trunk (at least 18 or 16 AWG) as well as the drops or branches (18 or 20 AWG). However, it seems very difficult - if not impossible - to find a 4 conductor cable that meets the requirement in the spec. for: a)the color code; and b)the twisted pair (for at least the CAN_H and CAN_L). A DeviceNet cable is the closest that we have been able to find which is both expensive and not readily available.

Is there any recommendation for this?

David Bailey of TRC has been

David Bailey of TRC has been working with a wire vendor who is willing to build a four-conductor cable that meets the RV-C spec. I believe we're still looking for the "first-adopter" to make the initial order. So far the RV manufacturers seem content to just use the existing twisted-pair cable.

I think that is because most devices are still over 200mA, and need a separate power supply. The number of small nodes has to be significant in proportion to the large loads to justify running the more expensive cable.