New PGN Proposed - Window Shade Control


PGN set for window shade motor control including:


The following changes have been made to the Window Shade Control.
- Byte Numbering has been changed to 0 – 7 (Following comments reflect this change)
- Status Byte 0: Instances are available up to 250
- Status Byte 1: Updated to show field described group membership
- Status Byte 2: Now labeled as a Percent with reference to the correct table
- Status Byte 3: Exception Status bits have all been changed to Bit2 flags. These now exist on byte 3 & byte 6. Terms were also updated to ‘Forward & Reverse’. This describes the status of the motor running the shade as opposed to the direction of the shade movement
- Status Byte 5: The available last commands have been listed as well as a separate table explaining each command.
- Command Byte 0: Instances are available up to 250.
- Command Byte 1: Node Groups explained in addition to master groups.
- Command Byte 3: Available commands listed and explanation table referenced.
- Command Byte 3: Additional command “Tilt” added and explained.
- Command Byte 5: Momentary operation explained.
- Command Byte 6: Interlock function explained as a bitmap.

NOTE: Original File submission was removed to create account space (1Mb limit) to upload modified file. The original is available upon request.

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Byte 0 - Why the limit of 124 Instances?
Byte 1 - A single Instance can't speak for a group. Shades from the same group may have differing status values, since shades may belong to multiple instances. I believe this field needs to be removed.
Byte 4 - These should be broken up into separate flags. Terms like "Locked" need some explanation. "Up" and "Down" are ambiguous - don't some shades go sideways?
Byte 8 - There is no Byte 8.

Byte 0 - Why the limit of 124 Instances?
Byte 1 - What is a "node group". How does it differ from a "master group".
Byte 4 - There seems like a bitmapped variable. Do you want to make the bit meanings explicit? Also "0x41 - 41" should be "0x41 - Down", I bet.
Byte 6 - Explain "Interlock".