Modification to PGN Proposed - AC Load Command - 0x1FFBE


Addition to the current PGN (0x1FFBE) definition using currently reserved bytes of the command to further specify control of a module.


- Command Byte 3: Interlock has been explained as a bitmap
- Command Byte 4: “Set Level” has been changed from 0xFF to 0x00. Also, the commands have been listed and explained in a separate table which is referenced.

*NOTE: Submission was edited to include file with centralized command table. (Being referenced by DC LOAD COMMAND, DC LOAD STATUS 2, & DC DIMMER COMMAND 3)

AC_Load_Command_v2.doc64 KB

My comments for this

My comments for this submission are the same as for DC_LOAD_COMMAND. It's generally fine, but . . .

- Explain "interlock", and the various commands.
- Change "Set Level" from 0xFF.