New PGN Proposed - Generic Configuration Status - 0x1FED8


A Generic Configuration Status PGN that can be used to report the configuration status of input devices or switches. The configuration will generally refer to configuration settings stored in the switch or input device.



- Introduction to PGN updated to reflect purpose and behavior of the PGN.
- Explanations for each field were updated to show which fields were the same as from the NAME PGN and which fields were Manufacturer specific.
- Since the field for Function Instance is the same as from the NAME PGN, 5 bits should be sufficient.
- Number of fields updated to reflect 0 – 7.

Generic Configuration Status.doc40 KB
Generic Configuration Status EDIT.doc44 KB


Suggestions -


Remove the term "required". This is not a required PGN. I suggest replacing the first two sentences with, "This PGN provides a method of checking the configuration status of complex devices. It is intended to allow devices to compare their configuration with compatible devices on the network, and indicate that their configuration is invalid or out-of-date."

- Add a note that the Manufacturer Code is the same as in NAME.
- Add a note that all other fields are manufacturer-dependent.
- Is 5 bits enough for the Function Instance?
- Numbering should be 0-7.

I suggest adding a bit field to indicate whether a configuration error has been detected, since that's one of the main purposes of the PGN.