New PGN Proposed - Generic Indicator Command - 0x1FED9


A Generic Indicator PGN that can be used to control display devices such as an illuminated indicator, a tell-tale cluster, or a status display on a switch panel.




- A GENERIC_INDICATOR_STATUS was added and the requested PGN described
- This addressed the needed ACK requirements for the Generic Indicator Command
- Command Byte 2: Value now listed as a “Percent”. Reference to the correct table also added.
- Command Byte 3: Bank select explained.
- Command Byte 6: Functions updated to reflect possible LED settings for various indicators. Also, “Set Brightness” function changed to 0x00 from 0xFF.

NOTE: Original File submission was removed to create account space (1Mb limit) to upload modified file. The original is available upon request.

Generic Indicator Command EDIT.doc85.5 KB

My suggestions - Byte 2 -

My suggestions -

Byte 2 - Say "See Table 4". It's a standard "percent".
Byte 3 - Please explain. What is a "Bank".
Byte 6 - This looks like you have a bitmap in mind, but it isn't explicit. And 0xFF always means "No Data" - never use it for any actual command.

Ack Requirements should be set. It's a matter of principle. Since CAN is not a "closed-loop" network, we always close the loop with an Ack or Status message. I can easily imagine a product - say, a fire alarm - that if it didn't get an Ack from the indicator would then take some other action as a failsafe.

Also, shouldn't there be a GENERIC_INDICATOR_STATUS?