Appliance Group - Refrigerator

While editing the Layer

While editing the Layer document the Administrator team discovered a couple of discrepancies.

The section in the updated layer document for this will be 6.52.2b Signal and parameter definition.

The following discrepancies need to be resolved.

Byte Bit Name Data Type Unit Value description
0 6-7 Cavity Uint2 - 1=Fridge, 2=Freezer (Fridge should be 0 or 1)
2 to 3 - Current Temperature Uint16 °C see Table 5.3
3 to 4 - Set Temperature Uint16 °C see Table 5.3

There is an overlap of byte 2-3 and 3-4 working group will need to resolve. The DGN will not be assigned until discrepancies are resolved.