Vehicle Seat Control

Martin Perlot of SilverLeaf is submitting a submission for a new device an RV-C Seat.

The Vehicle Seat Control has been moved to approve.

Vehicle Seat Control rev2 4-26-21.doc85 KB

In discussion with the

In discussion with the submitter, there are a few key improvements that we feel should be made before this is released.
1) The light (LED) in both the command and status should be expanded. Because RGB control is desired, full color mixing shouldn’t be precluded in the spec. Suggestion to have separate R,G,B, and W bytes to allow any color control. This may need to be separated into VEHICLE SEAT LIGHT COMMAND and VEHICLE SEAT LIGHT STATUS, and it could also include a light index value (byte 1) in case there are multiple lights at some point in a seat. Additionally, a LED brightness value should be included to allow dimming of the seat light(s).
2) Massage modes are defined using specific terminology, but without defining the parameters of what differentiates one mode from another. For another developer to implement, for example, “wave” mode they would need to know specifically how that mode should function. Suggestion to make this generic with 0 = Massage Mode 0, 1 = Massage Mode 1, etc. to avoid needing to define exactly how each mode should function within this spec.

I agree with (1), and am

I agree with (1), and am submitting a revision that clones the DC_DIMMER_COMMAND/STATUS_1 DGNs for this purpose.

As for (2), "Cat", "Snake", etc.. are actually terms of art, common in the industry. They are analogous to "float", "bulk", and "absorption" for chargers - they mean the same thing regardless of the charger model, even if their implementations aren't identical. In the massage world, "Cat" is a simulation of a kitty walking on your back. (I'm just guessing here, but I think "Snake" simulates being crushed by an anaconda.) I'm keeping them in the submission.