Proposed new SPNs 6.13.12

Attached please find new proposed SPNs for the following:
Jack Motor Harness
Level Sensor
Remote Sensor
Jack Extension

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Just a quick observation: For

Just a quick observation:

For the moment, your harness may be simple enough that a single SPN is adequate, but it's easy to imagine a harness with multiple circuits. For example, power and control may be on separate circuits within the harness, plus there may be sensor signals in the same harness. So "Jack Motor/Harness" may be too vague.

Better would be something like, "Jack Motor Power Circuit" (or perhaps "Power Supply"?), "Jack Motor Control Circuit", etc... You don't necessarily need to define all the circuits right now but you should write this first batch with future expansion in mind.

That also helps to clear up the minor ambiguity with the term "motor/harness" - which I could take to mean "the harness leading to the motor" or as "either the motor or the harness, not sure which". (I would write the first case as "motor-harness", but I see the slash used that way on occasion.)