New PGN Proposed - DC Load Status 2


An additional DC load status PGN for monitoring the load with different parameters (exceptions) then presently defined in DC Load Status.

DC_LOAD_STATUS_2 requested PGN 0x1FEDC

- Status Byte 0: Instance number has been updated to 250 instances
- Status Byte 1: Each status bit has been broken up into individual 2 bit flags. Each flag has also had a description added to further explain its meaning
- Status Byte 2: A table listing all the possible commands for this byte, their descriptions, and reference to that table has been added.

Edit 2:

- Commands available for "Last Command" now referenced to table in AC LOAD COMMAND
- We would like to also request that the adding values of 253 for “Fault OFF” and 254 for “ERROR” to AC_Load_Status_1 and DC_Load_Status_1. We have not modified these PGNs but the suggested change was brought to our attention in the editing of this PGN.

*NOTE: Submission was edited to include file with centralized command table. (Being referenced by DC LOAD COMMAND, DC LOAD STATUS 2, & DC DIMMER COMMAND 3)

DC Load Status 2 EDIT.doc56 KB
DC_Load_Status_2v2.doc46 KB

My comments: Byte 0 - Why

My comments:

Byte 0 - Why the limit of 248 instances?
Byte 1 - This should be broken up into individual flags. Each flag should be more thoroughly explained. I am not sure what exactly what "Lock" means, the distinction between "Disable" and merely "Off", and what the Override might be overriding.
Byte 2 - Either the list from the DC_LOAD_COMMAND should be repeated here, or a reference to that PGN.

There is an important reason that we like to break flags up into discrete data items. Leaving just one bit for an item does not allow us to communicate whether the unit doesn't know or doesn't support the feature.